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Name:Find A Player
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated

Find a Player is the Dreamwidth sister community to Find a Player on Insanejournal, wherein players come to find fellow players. You can post if you're searching either for a game to play in or for players to join a pre-existing game. This is not, however, for general game ads - please keep it specific rather than general.

For example...

BAD: Hi, I'm Mary-Lou, and you should all join (insert game here) because it's great.

GOOD: Hi, I'm Mary-Lou, and I play (insert character here) at (insert game here) and they really need some friends. I'm looking for (insert wanted character here.) If you're interested in playing them, please come on over!

ALSO GOOD: Hi, I'm Mary-Lou, and I'm looking for somewhere to play (insert character[s] here.)

Posting is moderated, and general game ads will not be accepted. Repeat offenders will be banned.


1. As stated above, NO GENERAL GAME ADS ARE ALLOWED! You MUST be an individual looking for SPECIFIC CHARACTERS. We'll just reject your post from the queue the first offense, but if you try to post a general ad a second time, you'll be banned.

2. NO IMAGES either in posts or comments. I don't care how small your banner is, we don't want to see it. If you reply with images in the comments, you'll be notified and the comment will be deleted. The same policy applies as with #1; after the second offense, you'll be banned.

3. PLAY NICE. I don't care if you think such-and-such a game or player sucks. Keep it to yourself, and don't pick fights. If you cause wank, you'll be given two warnings before you're banned.

4. This isn't a rule so much as a suggestion, but if you're pimping to a player that's looking for a game to play in, make some effort to sell your game rather than just link to it. It's frustrating for the game-seekers to only have one-word responses.

5. Lastly, have fun! As long as you use basic courtesy and respect the purpose of this community, it should be a great resource for players and potential players alike.
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